About +Vybes

Positive Vybes is a space where you learn to take control of your health. My programs include visualizing your best elective surgery, visualizing your best energetic self, and visualizing your best everyday self. Scientific research has shown that stress causes many health concerns. It creates dis-ease in our physical and mental bodies.

Here at Positive Vybes you are taught different modalities to elicit the relaxation response, which in turn assists you in controlling your own response to stress. The different modalities include:

  • Reiki sessions
  • Clinical meditation and imagery
  • Energetic healing sessions

The Positive Vybes physical space is a judgment-free environment where you are empowered to understand your worth. I assist you in developing individualized visualizations, so you see yourself in a positive light.

It is an understanding that you are an individual with your own story. I am here to assist you in finding the modality or combination of modalities that best suits your unique style.

Meet Terrie Hanscom of Positive Vybes.

I am not a therapist, counselor, psychotherapist, or psychologist. I am a registered nurse with experience in the operating room who has taken numerous classes on the modalities taught here at the program. It is through evidence-based research that these modalities are brought to you as a client of Positive Vybes.

This is presented with the understanding that the program is a tool in which you are guided to Positively Visualize Your Best Everyday Self on this journey of self-care and self-love.

The Positive Vybes Vision is to Positively:

Visualize Your Best Energetic Self
Visualize Your Best Elective Surgery
Visualize Your Best Essential Staff
Visualize your Best Everyday Self

Meet Terrie Hanscom of Positive Vybes.

My name is Terrie Hanscom. I am the owner and practitioner of Positive Vybes. I was born in Beverly, Massachusetts and graduated from the nursing program at North Shore Community College in 1988.

In 1992 I began working at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in their Operating Room. It truly has been a joy working 30 years “raising” some of the most talented surgeons in the country, including Dr. Atul Gawande. I participated in my first medical mission to Peru with Global Smile Foundation in May 2018 assisting with cleft lip and palate surgeries.

Through the years I have observed patients coming into the Operating Room full of anxiety, fearful, a little bit stressed to a lot stressed.

About 15 years ago I took a workshop on preoperative meditations. I liked the premise and started implementing it at my institution. I ran this program until I retired from the hospital in August 2022.

Over the years I’ve taken classes, done research, and finally developed my own program. 

The +VYBES (Visualize Your Best Elective Surgery) program incorporates clinical meditation and imagery along with energetic bodywork.

The combination assists patients in balancing their bodies physically as well as emotionally. With this balance, the body learns to go into a relaxation response rather than a stress response.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Needing fewer anesthetic agents during your procedure
  • Less pain following your procedure
  • Being able to get out of bed sooner
  • Possibly leaving the hospital sooner
  • Your immune system works better during your recovery phase, which can decrease your chance of postoperative infection

If you would like to talk further about the benefits and how the program works, I would love to speak with you. Contact me and we can set up a time to chat.

In the Media


  • Usui Reiki I, II, III, Master Teacher
  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
  • Advanced Degree Class from Mass General Institute of Health
  • Introduction To Mind, Body, Spirit, Health and Healing
  • Member of The American Holistic Nursing Association
  • Certified Meditation Teacher through Boston Buddha
  • Clinical Meditation and Imagery Certificate from Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center

Integrative health modalities:

  • Reiki
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness

What my Clients say.

“Thank you again for the outstanding relaxation and visualization workshop this afternoon. You were incredibly helpful to me, and I am grateful.”

~ Kent C.

“The presurgery anxiety was really almost entirely eliminated by my doing the nightly meditation/mindfulness sessions…… continued to listen to meditation/ mindfulness sessions that also helped with my sleeping.”

~ Barbara M.

“I am doing well. My recovery is ongoing, but most of all my pre-op experience was calm, the anesthesia team was phenomenal, and I woke up better than I have ever woken up from surgery…

Overall it was the best experience I could have asked for. Thank you so much. You have truly made such a significant impact on this experience for me. I will forever be thankful for your help and caring.”

~ Kris M.

What Is Positive Vybes All About?

First, Let’s Talk About Stress – and Your Body’s Response to It 

Stress is the body’s response to any type of demand (physical or emotional). The body’s response is to release stress hormones that produce a set of physical and biological changes. A stressful incident can make the heart pound, your breath quicken, muscles tense and beads of sweat appear. 

Relaxation and Your Body’s Response to It

The relaxation response is the opposite of the body’s stress (fight or flight) response. It can help lower:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Your heart rate
  • Your respiratory or breathing rate
  • Your stress hormone levels

By controlling your body’s response through meditation (or other relaxation techniques) empowers you to live a life that you love. You will learn to respond to situations rather than react to them. The Positive Vybes Program uses a combination of energetic healing techniques including Reiki, and vibrational healing modalities including crystalline energies all guided through Akashic record readings.

Akashic What?

I use the Akashic Records to guide me in your vibrational healing by going through your ancestral lineage to find where the origination points of your dis-ease is in your DNA strands.

I use the Akashic Records to guide me in your vibrational healing by going through your ancestral lineage to find where the origination points of your dis-ease is in your DNA strands. Akasha is a Sanskrit word and means “primary substance.” According to Linda Howe from her book How to Read the Akashic Records, “The Akashic Records are the Light Body of universal self-awareness. As such, they contain the universal consciousness, with its three main components of mind, heart, and will. The Records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime as different human beings on the earth plane while evolving throughout time and space.” 

The Akashic Records are a multi-dimensional library of pure energy and light beyond time and space. The Records contain an energetic imprint of everything that has happened up to this point, as well as the possibilities of what is to come, including all your past lives, your choices, your influences and actions. The dimension where the Akashic Records exists is also the place where your soul exists.

Why This Matters to You

So, when you receive the news from your doctor that you need to have a surgical procedure, your immediate response is likely shock, disbelief, fear of losing control of your life, or all of the above. At the exact moment in which you need your body at peak performance, you find your body releasing chemicals (like cortisol) in response to this stressful news.

You are worried about what this means to your daily life. Who is going to watch the kids, the pets, how will you get around after surgery, who will be there to take you to and from the procedure, is this life threatening, how will I choose a surgeon? The list of questions goes on and on. If you do not have control over your mind you begin to react to the situation; you may deny the procedure is necessary or decide to put it off indefinitely.

With Positive Vybes, you can gain control of your thoughts.

You can begin to respond to the news. You can make decisions about what is best for you. You obtain control over the situation. You participate fully in what your needs are at this moment.

Let’s hop on a call and talk about how +Vybes can help you take back control of your life.