Akashic Records

Akasha is a Sanskrit word and means “primary substance.” According to Linda Howe from her book How to Read the Akashic Records, “The Akashic Records are the Light Body of universal self-awareness. As such, they contain the universal consciousness, with its three main components of mind, heart, and will. The Records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime as different human beings on the earth plane while evolving throughout time and space.”

The Akashic Records are a multi-dimensional library of pure energy and light beyond time and space. The Records contain an energetic imprint of everything that has happened up to this point, as well as the possibilities of what is to come, including all your past lives, your choices, your influences and actions. The dimension where the Akashic Records exists is also the place where your soul exists.

Why This Matters to You

So, when you receive the news from your doctor that you need to have a surgical procedure, your immediate response is likely shock, disbelief, fear of losing control of your life, or all of the above. At the exact moment in which you need your body at peak performance, you find your body releasing chemicals (like cortisol) in response to this stressful news.

You are worried about what this means to your daily life. Who is going to watch the kids, the pets, how will you get around after surgery, who will be there to take you to and from the procedure, is this life threatening, how will I choose a surgeon? The list of questions goes on and on. If you do not have control over your mind you begin to react to the situation; you may deny the procedure is necessary or decide to put it off indefinitely.

Get on your way to preparing for your surgery. Take a look at the meditation for surgery options from Positive Vybes.

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