Meditation for Surgery

Now is the time to start preparing your body and mind for surgery and I would love to help you.

The overall goal of Positive Vybes is to help decrease the anxiety of surgical patients before they enter the Operating room, placing them in an ideal physiological state of health for their procedure.

Studies have shown that these patients are able to get out of bed faster, take fewer narcotics, require less anesthesia, and go home sooner than patients who are in an anxious state before and during their procedures.

VYBES: Visualize Your Best Elective Surgery

Surgical patients who are anxious (and who wouldn’t be, when facing the possibility of ‘going under the knife!’) are in chronic stress mode. There are multiple stress chemicals and hormones rushing through your body. Anxious patients may require more anesthesia, may need more opioids following surgery, and could be slower getting out of bed following surgery. 

If you can reduce this response, it is believed you will fare better postoperatively as well as during your recovery phase. The magic number here is twelve.

Twelve weeks prior to surgery begin a relaxation practice. Positive Vybes can help you by teaching you a guided meditation where you visualize your healing in three phases: immediately following your surgery, eight weeks post-surgery, and one-year post-surgery. The earlier you begin this meditative practice the easier you will be able to “bring up” that relaxed state. 

If you are in the area, we can do an in-person session, if you are not close by, we can do a virtual workshop. There are two different options for this service.

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Option One

You will have a session with me to discuss the day of your surgery and what you can expect once you arrive at the preoperative area, including going into the Operating Room.

This session will also include a relaxation exercise and we’ll walk-through your guided visualizations together.

You will learn how to do the body scan with your individualized guided visualizations. These visualizations can be modified as necessary. 

This is offered in a 6-session container at $200 per 90-minute session. You must commit to participating in all 6 sessions.

The ideal schedule for preoperative patients is to meet once a month for six months (three months before surgery and three months following your surgery).

We can certainly individualize the schedule if your surgery is scheduled in less than 3 months. All sessions can be conducted in-person or via Zoom.

Option one also includes the following:

Let’s get you prepared for your surgery.

Option Two

This workshop is for individuals who have an upcoming surgery. I teach you a guided visualization where you visualize your recovery, from the time you wake up in the recovery area following your procedure, all the way through to your complete recovery.

Research shows patients who follow this type of program require fewer narcotics, are out of bed faster, and go home sooner. 

Includes a core relaxation session and your individualized healing visualizations done in a single session via Zoom and recorded for future use. $150

Positive Vybes’ perioperative program teaches you techniques to relax your body and visualize your healing over a period of time following your surgery.

You build a routine over time where you will practice a specific individualized guided meditation, along with imagery, created specifically for you. So, by the time your surgical day arrives you are at a place where you can bring up the visualizations without difficulty, thereby bringing yourself back into a calm state. 

When you arrive in the operating room suite you are calm, relaxed and emotionally ready for your surgery. Your only job that day is to visualize your ideal relaxation scene and let your team do their job. You wake from surgery already on your road to recovery. 

Reiki and Akashic guided energetic healing sessions, prior to your surgery, balance your life energy and give you a relaxing sensation to carry with you into your surgery and recovery.


Being mindful is when you learn to be present in the things you do daily and with the people in your life.

You cannot change what has occurred in the past, nor can you live in the future, since it has not occurred yet. The only time that is happening right now is the present. So, although you can learn from the past and plan for the future you cannot live in either. 

Learn more from one of our Introduction to Mindfulness classes or individual workshops.


You can download these forms in advance to complete and bring to your session. You may also upload the completed forms – if you wish to expedite the intake process.